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Dana Foti Sharp graphic designer

Some kids flip burgers, and some lifeguard at the local pool. I, however, had a passion for art early on and took my skills to the big leagues — well, the minors, at least. Although I started out hawking concessions and souvenirs for the New York Yankees’ minor league team, the Oneonta Yankees, my talents were soon recognized and I got the call to move to the outfield.


With sleeves rolled up over my shoulders in the summer heat, I was given a paintbrush and the opportunity to design the billboard advertisements lining the outfield. Little did I know, years later I would be designing couture invitations for superstar major league Yankees, including former manager Joe Torre and third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

I eventually went off to the University of Maryland, where I earned a degree in advertising design. Then, after 18 years working in the design and printing industries for corporate, nonprofit and individual clients, I decided to launch Gooseberry. Here my diverse experience filters down to a focus on the elements that matter most: a flare for type, an eye for color, a passion for paper and tangible materials, which all lead to a visual and tactile representation unlike any other.


I aim to produce truly expressive, intelligent, imaginative and impactful designs, and it seems to be working (with award recognition from the organizations below).

The Communicator Award winner
Art Director Club award winner
GDUSA award winner

A special thank you to Elaine Quillici for waxing poetically.

Dana Foti Sharp  |  designer & founder

And while no one is an island,
I must mention the outstanding partnerships I have with
extraordinary writers, designers, illustrators, photographers and printers
whom I have met along the way.
They share my vision and help to create the standout designs you see here. Without their teamwork,
I might still be out in left field.

gooseberry bush

The inspiration — that scruffy Gooseberry bush in my Upstate New York backyard, at the edge of the forest. Its growing season was short, but it was a highlight of summer reaching around the thorny branches for a few ripe morsels with that sweet-n-sour burst.

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